Matthew 9:15 - And Jesus said to them, "Can the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them? The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast.”
From Sept 13 to 23, 2015, we are inviting you to join believers around Boston in ten days of fasting. The fast begins on sundown on September 13th and concludes at sundown on September 23rd in alignment with our Jewish heritage.
Fasting is one of the best ways to set yourself apart for a special season of seeking God.  We dont need to fast to receive grace from God, but it is one expression of faith that tangibly expresses our desire and desperation to encounter Him, be conformed to His image, and advance His Kingdom on the earth.
Help! I've never fasted before
Fasting can seem intimidating, especially if you have never done it before.  However, fasting has been a normal Christian activity since the time of Christ.  Fasting can be difficult at times, but the rewards spiritually and physically are definitely worth the risk and the effort.  Fasting does not have to mean drinking only waterin fact, there are many ways to fast.

There are 2 kinds of fasts that we would like you to consider for the 10 days:
​-Water and Juice fast: Only water and fruit and vegetable juices
​-Daniel fast: no meat, no sugar, no animal products, no refined foodsa vegan fast
In addition, were inviting everyone into a media fast - abstaining from non-work related technology and from entertainment. This is a great complement to the other fasts and also an alternative for those who cannot fast from food.
How Do I do this?
Its easy!  Here are some helpful guidelines to make this as easy as possible.
Begin on the evening of Sept 13th after your evening meal.  End your fast around sundown on September 24th at the conclusion of 10 Days Boston.

Be clear with yourself.  Decide in advance what you will do (Daniel fast, juice fast, media fast, etc.) and stick to it.  Make it specific for yourself (Not eating Chinese food, drinking tea and coffee, checking Facebook, etc.) so that youre not constantly wondering if you can do this or that. 

Wean yourself off of caffeine and other drugs.  Avoid the pain! Begin reducing consumption at least a week in advance to avoid headaches.

Watch for ups and downs.  In a fast, sometimes you feel great and sometimes you feel not so great.  This is normal.  Allow for extra time to rest and have grace for yourself and for others. 
Other Things to Consider

Fasting is a voluntary discipline. You should enter into a fast of your own accord, not because of pressure from outside. 
Fasting is also best done in community.  We strongly encourage you to fast with friends from your small group, local church, or prayer group during these 10 days.  Meet periodically for prayer and check in on one another throughout.

Children and pregnant or nursing mothers should not fast.  If youre taking prescription medications, please consult your health professional before entering into an extended fast.  As a general rule, a Daniel fast is safer for diabetics or those on prescription medications.

Please do your own research before you begin an extended fast.  We recommend the following resources as a good place to start.  Search: fasting guidelines
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